What is an appropriate attitude in responding to grammar errors?

How do you respond students' language errors? Please share your ideas here!

Teaching and Learning Grammar from Internet Resources

Please surf on Internet and recommend at least five websites about the resources of Grammar Learning and/or Teaching to your classmates and ESL learners. You should define your viewers/learners and give your reasons with site annotation for your web evaluation


Teaching Grammar via Prezi

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Please give the URL of your PREZI practice here!
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Teach Grammar Through Texts

Language is context-sensitive.
What are advantages and problems of using certain type of texts to teach grammar? Analyze and evaluate at least three text-based Grammar Teaching to discuss the issue.


Designing and Evaluating Practice Activities

After viewing the teaching presentation, which group you think is the most efficient to the teaching? Which group did present the characteristics (principles) of rules in the practicum? What do you learn from the project?


Deductive Approach VS. Inductive Approach

Deductive or Inductive? Which approach do you think is efficient for teaching grammar?


Grammar: to teach or not to teach?

"The history of language teaching is essentially the history of the claims and counterclaims for and against the teaching of grammar."    (Scott Thornbury, 1999)

Please read "Does grammar teaching work?" by Michael Swan (http://www.mikeswan.co.uk/elt-applied-linguistics/teaching-grammar.htm), and "Seven Ways of Looking at Grammar" by Scott Thornbury.

What is your opinion about the importance of grammar in your ESL class? Please use some arguments we had discussed in class to support your viewpoint.


My VARK Learning Style & Language Awareness

Do you know your learning style? What do you think of the results of your VARK Learning Style & your Language Awareness?


About the Course

@Who is the course for?

Welcome to take the course TEACHING ENGLISH GRAMMAR!
This course is for students who are curious or confused or unconvinced about the teaching of grammar.
It is also for prospective and trainee teachers who would like to continue learning and exploring the English grammar for their future career.

@ What is the course about?
The course is to explore the teaching of English grammar: what it is about and how to do it. Assuming that students have good language competence of general English and are interested in the teaching and learning English, the semester course is designed to develop their own approach to the teaching of grammar and to prepare them working in the TESOL field. Thus, the course aims
*to provide an orientation and historical overview of the teaching of grammar;
*to explore the relationships among language forms, language learning and language teaching;
*to develop students' knowledge and understanding of English structures and usages;
*to introduce practical and effective principles and techniques for teaching grammar;
*to review the efficiency and appropriacy of any methodologies and approaches to teach English grammar.
Providing current theoretical approaches and practical exercises, the course will focus on the following topics: what grammar is and what it does, the roles of grammar in EFL/ESL Teaching; the differences between descriptive, prescriptive grammar, transformational and pedagogical grammar; the grammar of spoken and written language; teaching methods and error analysis in grammar teaching; the types of tests in language assessment; and the possible integration of grammar teaching into a communicative curriculum. In a collaborative learning environment, a number of activities, e-discussions, and teaching practicum will be reviewed in the course. (Please view the course syllabus for more information at http://www.ntcc.fju.edu.tw/yueh/TEG/index.html.)


Forum for TEG

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The purpose of this discussion blog is to allow the TEG Course Community to get together and share ideas, to ask and answer Grammar questions, and to exchange teaching experiences. If your message does not meet this aim, you probably should not be posting.

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